Instructional Videos
The joints that connect large ideas
(Time Complexity 4) Matrix Multiplication.
(Time Complexity 2) Linear Search on 1D Array.
(Time Complexity 3) Linear Search on 2D Array.
(Linear Regression 7) How is "Linear Regression" run using sklearn?
(Time Complexity 1) What is "Time Complexity"?
(Linear Regression 5) How does "Gradient Descent" work?
(Linear Regression 6) How is "Gradient Descent" coded in Python?
(Linear Regression 3) The Derivative
(Linear Regression 4) What is "Gradient Descent"?
(Linear Regression 1) What is "Linear Regression"?
(Linear Regression 2) Least Squares Method
(Umans) Uniquely Solveable Puzzles
The Elephant
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