A bit about the author
I began my career teaching the way I was taught. Typically, one enters into a university computer science program and learns the fundamentals behind what make a computer tick from the bottom up, starting with machine language and working their way towards building a compiler in a high level language. The overall learning process was extremely abstract and had no visual feedback from the computer other than self-programmed output text. Needless to say, my first couple of years in education were failures by most metrics.

Over the years, my philosophy towards education has shifted, putting intrinsic motivation at the center of the learning experience. To get students interested, I've implemented a hybrid project-based system where students learn only the necessary skills needed to complete a project, then they are given an opportunity to create a complete application. Currently, I am using video game development as the vehicle to push curriculum, and I hope to bring virtual reality development into the mix in the near future. I will continue to reflect, redesign and iterate.
On a vacation trip to South America, I met my then girlfriend and I was bit by the love bug. I returned several times over the course of a year which ended with me moving to Peru to marry her. Over the course of my marriage, I have tasted the fruits of patience and the joy of laughter.

About a year after we decided to start a family, our first child Shi-nae was born. Having a child showed me how to express my feelings the way a child does. The most important aspect of this experience was learning how to love as I loved when I was a child. Over the course of Shi-nae's life, and the recent emergence of her warm and sensitive personality, she has taught me how to express myself more honestly in all areas.

Not wanting to leave Shi-nae an only child, soon after, we decided to have another child and Kira was born. Kira is a beautiful girl who has my features and my wife’s personality. She’s a fireball that always needs to be entertained. She’s a lovely little creature that has the brain of a scientist, the heart of a princess, and the anger of a tazmanian devil. When she unexpectedly waddles on over, hugs my leg, and lays her head on my lap, I simply melt.
As can be expected, having a family has completely rearranged my priorities and, consequently, every aspect of my life. My life now consists of regular trips to Costco, going to Target for baby related supplies, taking my kids out to the park, and cooking with my wife. However, before I had a family, my only interest was surfing.

For North and South America, waves are generated by storms birthed off the coast of Antarctic during the summer and close to the Arctic circle during the winter. These storms create waves that come in swells which last 1-3 days and generally have a 2 week period in between storms during which the beaches of southern California resemble Big Bear lake. I can honestly say I don’t remember missing a swell event from 2004 up until the birth of my oldest daughter in 2012.

I have this reoccurring fantasy that one day I’ll be able to drift back into the surf-eat-sleep lifestyle, but rationally speaking I don’t think it’s ever going to happen. These days I’m happy when my kids are happy, so whatever they become interested in will most likely become my new obsession.